E-biking Safety Tips

for Riders

E-mountain biking is an adventure sports which is safe as long as the safety precautions are taken. It is important to follow the safety instruction for your own safety and the safety of other fellow riders.


It is of utmost importance to wear a helmet for your safety. We recommend getting your own helmets for the trip, however, we do provide one for the trip. Your guide will not allow you to ride without the helm
Bikepacking bikes


Having good gears always translates into a great riding experience. While riding the e-biking, you might fall off your mountain bike. While the injuries are going to be minor, the proper gear will ensure you have minimum impact.

Some of the gear
needed for the ride


It protects your hands from scratches, scrapes and blisters

Elbow/knee pads

It will save you every time you fall down during your ride.


If you are comfortable riding in SPD’s, the right shoes will give you good grip on the pedals. Our pedals are both SPD and normal shoes friendly.

Protective shades

It will protect your eyes from the sun light and also from small debris during your ride.


A small backpack to carry your water will keep your ride going without having to stop for drinks. You can also include small medical kits that can come handy always.

Padded Shorts

Since the trip will go through a lot of uphill, downhill and bumpy tracks, a padded shorts will support you for a comfortable ride.
Bikepacking Gear


As you get tired, often, your skill, ability and your concentration on the road will decrease so it is important not to exert yourself and take it slow.


Your guide has been on the trail numerous times and understands the risk associated with it. While your guide will ensure that you have the maximum amount of joy ride, he will also be giving instructions. Please follow them. It’s for your own safety.


While your guide will check that your bike is good condition for ride each, it is your responsibility to let him know if you feel there is anything wrong with your bike in order to enjoy the ride. Lastly, your common sense will serve you a lot during your ride such as dressing appropriately, having enough water with you, carrying a torch light etc. Don’t forget to stop and sip in the amazing landscape this country has to offer and more so when you are riding on our amazing e-bikes.


Who can go on this trip?
Anyone who knows how to ride a normal cycle can go on this trip.
How long does the bike battery last?
One charge of 3 hours can give upto 50 kms of ride.
What happens if I run out of battery during the ride?
We have extra spare batteries during the trip in case you run out of battery during the ride.
How often do you have to recharge?
We advise charging the battery every night after the ride that day.
How safe is the ride?
The ride is very safe and with our professional mountain biker will ensure your safety during the trip. However, travel insurance is mandatory for going on these trips.
Do electric bikes have any impact on the environment?
As these bikes are completely emission free, e-biking has no impact on the environment.
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